Donald Trump Seeds - THCa Seeds

Welcome to the THCa Seeds collection at Donald Trump Seeds, where we bring you the future of cannabis cultivation. Here, you'll discover an exclusive selection of premium THCa-rich seeds, including regular seeds and autoflowers, handpicked for their potential to transform your growing experience. 

THCa Seeds VS THC Seeds

One thing you probably didn't know is there is no difference between THCa Seeds & THC Seeds. The cannabis plant does NOT actually grow THC, it grows THCa when you harvest it. This is the raw pre-cursor form of THC.

When you smoke the cannabis plant, the THCa undergoes a chemical reaction with the flame, resulting in smoke that contains THC, which therefore gets you high. 

Donald Trump Seeds Genetics

Our seeds are bred & produced by 1 farm owned by a small business on the east coast. Donald Trump Seeds contain high THC genetics and WILL NOT contain CBD once harvested! Rest assured you will only be growing the best genetics! Still curious about Donald Trump Seeds? Check out Donald Trump Seeds Reviews here