THCa Seeds - Liberal Lady (Purple Haze x3)

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About Liberal Lady- THCa Seeds

Meet the Liberal Lady THCA strain, a cannabis variety that's making waves with its unique profile and characteristics. This distinctive strain has gained attention not just for its name but for the experience it offers to enthusiasts.

In terms of aroma and flavor, Liberal Lady THCA doesn't disappoint. It's known for its enticing scent that combines floral and herbal notes, creating an aromatic journey with each inhale. The taste is often described as a delightful fusion of sweetness and earthiness, leaving a memorable impression on the palate.

Cultivating Liberal Lady THCA may require some attention to detail, as it tends to thrive best in a controlled environment. With proper care, growers can expect to be rewarded with dense, resinous buds that carry the essence of this unique strain.


  • Genetics - Liberal Lady
  • Variety - Balanced Hybrid
  • Sex - Regular
  • THC Content - High
  • CBD Content - Low


Terpene Analysis

  • Total Terpenes - 1.45%
    • α-Pinene- 0.210%
    • Camphene- 0.009%
    • β-Myrcene- 0.040%
    • β-Pinene- 0.175%
    • d3-Carene- 0.27%
    • α-Terpinene- 0.023%
    • Limonene- 0.104
    • Eucalyptol- 0.016%
    • γ-Terpinene- 0.022%
    • Terpinolene- 0.473%
    • β-Caryophyllene- 0.210%
    • α-Humulene- 0.081%
    • α-Bisabolol- 0.058%

*this is a terpene analysis from seeded weed, please note results may vary and terpene concentration is dependent on multiple variables during the growing process.


Our seeds boast a unique origin—they're meticulously crafted in small batches on the grounds of a once-thriving organic blueberry farm. What sets us apart? We proudly offer the most affordable seeds in the market—guaranteed.

These regular photo period seeds demand a bit of attention during cultivation. To optimize your yield of female plant flowers, it's essential to identify and eliminate the male plants throughout the growth process.

The captivating images of our strains showcase a deliberate breeding choice—to maximize seed content. However, it's worth noting that achieving a higher flower yield than depicted is very much possible by cultivating without seeds. Results, as always, may vary.


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All marijuana & cannabis seeds are considered federally legal hemp under the 2018 farm bill since they contain less than 0.3% THC before they are grown, therefore they are legally able to be bought, sold and shipped over state borders.

Buy purchasing these cannabis seeds, you assume all liability in your state of residence if you decide to germinate the seeds. We do not recommend you germinate the seeds until you consult with a legal professional to determinate the legality of cannabis cultivation in your jurisdiction.