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About Northern Lights - THCa Seeds

The Northern Lights strain is a renowned and highly regarded cannabis variety that has captivated cannabis enthusiasts worldwide with its exceptional qualities. It is widely celebrated for its potency, mesmerizing beauty, and rich lineage, which traces back to its legendary predecessor, the Aurora Borealis strain, also known as the "Old World Pheno."
  • Genetics - Northern Lights (Auto Flower)
  • Variety - Indica
  • Sex - Regular
  • THC Content - High
  • CBD Content - Low

Terpene Analysis

  • Total Terpenes - 2.08%
    • α-Pinene- 0.065%
      β-Myrcene- 0.270%
      β-Pinene- 0.087%
      d3-Carene- 0.027%
      α-Terpinene- 0.029%
      Ocimene- 0.005%
      Limonene- 0.091%
      γ-Terpinene- 0.021%
      Terpinolene- 0.928%
      Linalool- 0.010%
      β-Caryophyllene- 0.295%
      α-Humulene- 0.143%
      α-Bisabolol 0.108 0.004

*this is a terpene analysis from seeded weed, please note results may vary and terpene concentration is dependent on multiple variables during the growing process.


Included With Your Purchase

  • Heat Sealed Mylar Bag
  • Discreet Shipping
    • No indication of package contents
    • Your Choice of USPS or UPS Ground
  • Notice To Law Enforcement & Shipping Carriers
    • Document Explaining Product Legality 



All marijuana & cannabis seeds are considered federally legal hemp under the 2018 farm bill since they contain less than 0.3% THC before they are grown, therefore they are legally able to be bought, sold and shipped over state borders.

Buy purchasing these cannabis seeds, you assume all liability in your state of residence if you decide to germinate the seeds. We do not recommend you germinate the seeds until you consult with a legal professional to determinate the legality of cannabis cultivation in your jurisdiction.