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About Trump Tower Lights- THCa Seeds

Introducing our latest triumph from the harvest, the Trump 2024 Strain—a botanical marvel that stands tall, just like the legendary plant it originated from. Cultivated from the seeds of the largest plant in our expansive field, towering over 12 feet in a resilient northern climate, this strain is a testament to nature's grandeur.

Named after President Trump's iconic gilded skyscraper, this pheno embodies the same spirit of opulence and resilience. Much like the golden hues that adorn Trump Tower, the buds of our Trump 2024 Strain showcase a stunning palette of gold, purple, and green, creating a visual spectacle that's as captivating as it is aromatic.

Elevate your cannabis journey with the Trump 2024 Strain—a harmonious blend of potency, beauty, and a nod to the future. Embrace the legacy, savor the flavor, and let the Trump 2024 Strain be your choice for a truly presidential smoking experience. Make your cannabis moments great again!


Our seeds boast a unique origin—they're meticulously crafted in small batches on the grounds of a once-thriving organic blueberry farm. What sets us apart? We proudly offer the most affordable seeds in the market—guaranteed.

These regular photo period seeds demand a bit of attention during cultivation. To optimize your yield of female plant flowers, it's essential to identify and eliminate the male plants throughout the growth process.

The captivating images of our strains showcase a deliberate breeding choice—to maximize seed content. However, it's worth noting that achieving a higher flower yield than depicted is very much possible by cultivating without seeds. Results, as always, may vary.


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All marijuana & cannabis seeds are considered federally legal hemp under the 2018 farm bill since they contain less than 0.3% THC before they are grown, therefore they are legally able to be bought, sold and shipped over state borders.

Buy purchasing these cannabis seeds, you assume all liability in your state of residence if you decide to germinate the seeds. We do not recommend you germinate the seeds until you consult with a legal professional to determinate the legality of cannabis cultivation in your jurisdiction.