THCa Shake - Indoor House Blend


THCa Shake - House Blend 

Introducing the THCa Flower Shake - your ticket to a fantastic ride through our top indoor strains blended together, all at an unbelievably pocket-friendly price. We've machine sifted out the stems and sugar leaves, leaving you with a terpene-packed party in every bag. Get your hands on this budget-friendly delight and elevate your smoking experience without breaking the bank!

THCa Shake Review


What Does Our THCa Shake Taste & Feel Like?

Our shake is a blend of various indoor strains. It has a very fragrant aroma and packed with terpenes! This blend contains Sativas, Hybrids, & Indicas, so it's safe to say the effect will be effectively a hybrid. 

Machine Sifted Shake Without Trim

Our shake is machine sifted to remove undesirable plant matter like stems, leaves & trim, ensuring a premium quality product loaded with trichomes. Unlike other vendors who typically sell shake with trim mixed in, we prioritize purity and quality. To learn more about the difference between Shake and Trim, visit our THCa Shake VS Trim Guide.

Lab Results



Bulk THCa Flower Verification Required on 1lb + Orders

After placing your order for THCa flower greater than 1lb, a DTW support rep will contact you via email (or text) to double verify your address is correct so we don't send your order to the wrong address. 

We will attempt to reach you at least 3 times each via email and text. If we do not receive a response within 7 days of the order being placed the order will be cancelled and card refunded.


Bulk THCa Flower Shipping Policy 

Your order will be shipped directly from our supplier to your home via UPS Ground if the quantity is 1 pound or larger. It will ship with a notice to law enforcement and pre-harvest coa.

You will have the option to select delivery with signature or without signature.

If you select "regular shipping" without signature, DTW is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen packages if the tracking is marked as delivered. 

If you live in a high crime area with theft, we recommend selecting shipping with signature. 

If you are not typically home during normal delivery hours to sign for the package, we recommend you schedule the package for pickup at your local UPS Store once the tracking number has generated. 


If you add the free sample to your order (or other products under 1lb in qty), your order will be split into 2 shipments. 

The pounds will be shipped direct from our supplier in Oregon while the free sample & other items will be shipped from our warehouse in Illinois.

Bulk THCa Flower Refund Policy & Missed Shipments

There are no refunds on Bulk THCa Flower.

We give the option to ship packages with Signature Required to prevent lost or stolen packages, however, we are not responsible for any missed shipments or if the package was returned to sender after multiple missed delivery attemtps. 

If the package gets returned to sender because of too many delivery attempts (and you did not schedule it for pickup at UPS), we do have the ability to reship it for you, but you will be invoiced an extra shipping fee for a reship.

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