Exotic THCa Flower - Purple Octane

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Purple Octane - Exotic THCa Flower AAA

Purple Octane, an indica-dominant hybrid, emerged as a phenotype of the renowned Hi-Octane strain. Its name derives from its stunning aesthetics, making it an ideal selection for aficionados of classic indica varieties. Displaying lovely small, rounded forest green buds tinged with rich purple hues, delicate strands of light orange, and a dense layer of frosty, deep purple-tinged white crystal trichomes, oozing with sweet, adhesive resin.


What Does Purple Octane Feel Like?

Purple Octane's effects gradually unfold, initially targeting the mind before enveloping the body. Suddenly, a surge of uplifting euphoria engulfs you, transporting you to a carefree state. Simultaneously, a gentle tingling sensation commences, intensifying into a profound buzz, eventually leading to a snug embrace of the couch in profound relaxation. Subsequently, a drowsy sensation descends, coaxing you into a serene state before drifting off into sleep.

What Does Purple Octane Smell and Taste Like?

Upon breaking apart each glittering nugget, notes of spicy diesel and peppery grape emerge, growing stronger with each inhale. The flavor leans towards the sweeter end, featuring a blend of spicy yet sweet grape wine, complemented by a hint of savory diesel upon exhaling.

Purple Octane Nug Structure

This strain showcases exquisite small, rounded forest green buds tinged with deep purple undertones. Delicate light orange hairs adorn its surface, while a thick layer of frosty, deep purple-tinged white crystal trichomes covers it, exuding a sweet, sticky resin.


Lab Results

Cannabinoid Contents

  • Total Cannabinoids - 26.5%
    • THCa - 30.2%
    • CBGa - 1.04%
    • D9THC - <LOQ
    • CBDa - <LOQ
    • CBG -  <LOQ
THCa Content: