Exotic THCa Flower - Medusa


Medusa- Exotic THCa Hybrid

Medusa, also known as "The Nirvana Strain," is a fusion of the beloved Misty strain with an undisclosed sativa to indica ratio. Despite its mysterious origins, it's believed to achieve a harmonious equilibrium, blending the potent effects of both sativa and indica in a perfect synergy.


What Does Medusa Feel Like?

The experience kicks off with a swiftly uplifting, clear-headed cerebral high that enhances focus and motivation. As time progresses, a gentle, soothing sedation gradually envelops you, initiating as a subtle pressure behind the eyes and then spreading throughout your entire body. This cascade of relaxation culminates in a state of complete tranquility, rendering you pleasantly couch-locked. Thanks to the enduring cerebral effects of Medusa, drowsiness is kept at bay, persisting throughout the entire journey and even lingering after the physical effects subside.


What Does Medusa Smell and Taste Like?

This strain boasts a delectably smooth flavor, marrying the sweetness of earthy blueberries with an alluring aroma reminiscent of freshly plucked blueberries.


Medusa Nug Structure

Medusa's buds showcase petite, fluffy, grape-shaped nuggets in a light minty green hue, adorned with vibrant orange hairs. A thick, frosty coat of chunky white crystal trichomes and a generous layer of sweet, sticky resin complete the enticing picture.

Lab Results

Cannabinoid Contents

  • Total Cannabinoids - 29.58%
    • THCa - 29.41%
    • THCVa - ND%
    • CBGa - 0.127%
    • D9 THC - 0.17%
    • CBGa - ND%
THCa Content: