Trump Made Weed Legal & Nobody Knows

8th Oct 2023

What Is THCa Hemp?

Well here's the short answer:

It's pretty much Marijuana except it's federally legal. 

New to THCa? Hang tight, we know you have a lot of questions. 

Read this comprehensive guide to understand how Trump made weed legal through THCa Flower.

A Message To Newbies:

THCa Hemp is an absolute game changer. It’s essentially marijuana, weed, ganja or whatever else you want to call it, the only difference being is it’s federally legal.

It’s truly astonishing that we didn’t realize THCa products were legal back in 2018 when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp.

Don't let the term "hemp" deceive you into thinking it's fake weed or a synthetic product like Delta 8, HHC, THC-O, etc. THCa is produced 100% naturally in the cannabis plant, and it's identical to marijuana you'd find at a dispensary. This stuff will absolutely get you high because its literally just weed bro. 

How Did Trump Legalize Weed?

In 2018, Trump signed the Farm Bill, legalizing the purchase, sale, and transport of cannabis across state borders, as long as the THC concentration is less than 0.3%. Importantly, this 0.3% legal limit does not include THCa.

What many people don't realize is that cannabis produces THCa when grown, not THC. People have been smoking "THCa Flower" since cannabis was discovered, but we've been referring to it as "THC" all this time without understanding the subtleties.

Consider this marijuana flower purchased from a dispensary. It qualifies as federally legal THCa Hemp because its THC content is less than 0.3%. However, it still contains a significant amount of THCa, which converts into THC when smoked, giving you the desired effect.

Cannabis Label

Does Trump Know He Legalized Weed?

The honest answer is we don’t know. He's never mentioned it (although we think he should).

What we do know is that Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, effectively legalizing cannabis.

Whether it was intended or not, we support Trump and are donating *5% of retail sales to the Trump 2024 campaign as a token of our appreciation for legalizing weed. We are a small business whose values align with Trump:

  • Free Market Capitalism (small business-friendly and empowering the people)
  • Freedom, Constitutional Rights & Liberties
  • Love & Loyalty for the United States of America

*applies to online retail orders under 1lb only

The Problem With Marijuana.

Have you noticed how in most Democrat-run states that have legalized "recreational marijuana," the cost of a license to sell, grow, or cultivate ranges from $100,000 to $1 million?

If not, take a second to look up your local license costs & requirements, you’ll be furious after realizing you are priced out of the market.

As a first-generation American whose family legally immigrated from Ukraine with ZERO money, it would have been impossible for Donald Trump Weed to become a reality within the unattainable requirements of "Recreational Marijuana" programs created by greedy politicians. These programs are accessible only to millionaires.

It's an exclusive club and you're not invited.

On the other hand, hemp is small business-friendly and attainable regardless of your skin color, income, or background. Consumers also enjoy lower cannabis prices due to fewer barriers to entry.

Donald Trump Weed’s Mission.

This probably sounds cliche, but Donald Trump Weed believes everyone should have access to safe & legal cannabis without fear of incarceration while ALSO keeping cannabis out of the hands of children & minors.

We have age verification software on our website, unlike MANY other vendors in our industry.

If you're an online vendor or smoke shop reading this, we expect you to operate your business with morals and integrity as well, don’t ruin this for the rest of us.

We also believe that the cannabis industry should have low licensing fees, ensuring that everyone can participate, regardless of their wealth or background.

This is also known as Equality of Opportunity.

If you’re a liberal reading this, you probably now realize that the politicians who represent you sold out your equality of opportunity in the cannabis industry to wealthy corporations.

How We Would Improve the 2018 Farm Bill

While the 2018 Farm Bill has been fantastic for cannabis consumers and business owners, we have some proposed revisions for the upcoming farm bill renewal:

Hemp is defined as any part of the cannabis plant, growing or not.

This would eliminate the distinction between hemp and marijuana, decriminalizing cannabis nationally.

You must be 21 years old to purchase, sell, or consume hemp.

This would protect our children and youth from the detrimental effects of early cannabis use on the developing brain.

Full Panel Lab Testing Before Sale

This would protect consumers from consuming a cannabis product that has been contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, microbials or adulterants.

Impose 6% Retail D2C Tax Used For Educating Youth on Success & Abundance Mentality

Use tax revenue to create grants for public & private schools that implement a mandatory specialized class that teaches our youth:

    • How Abundance & Prosperity is Created Through Free Market Capitalism
    • How To Do Taxes
    • How To Be a Leader & Use Critical Thinking
    • How To Raise Your Consciousness & Awareness

Final Thoughts

Donald Trump Weed is more than just a brand trying to sell you weed and get you high. 

We're real people.

We care about our country.

We have families and children that we must serve & protect. 

Many of our team members serve God and want to do the right thing, regardless of our religion.

And with this article coming to a close, I pray for you and all of our enemies that God shows us a path the abundance and prosperity so that we would not have to resort to violence & malice within each other.

God please bless us & Amen. 

- Chris

Founder of Donald Trump Weed