THCa Flower - King Sherbert

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About Sun Grown King Sherbert - Indica

King Sherbert goes by many different names such as "Sunset Sherbet", "Sunset Sherbert", & "Sherbert OG". King Sherbert was bred by crossing Pink Panties with Girl Scount Cookies. 

Included With Your Purchase:

  • Heat Sealed Smell Proof Bag 
    • Resealable for Freshness
  • 62% Boveda Humidity Boost Pack
    • 2 Way Humidity Control
    • Prevents Excessive Drying or Molding
  • Discreet shipping
    • No indication of package contents on shipping material

What Does King Sherbert Feel Like?

King Sherbert is truly the KING of the Full Bodied Cannabis experiences, featuring an elevated jolt of cerebral energy with a release of stress & negative thoughts. It's indica attributes help keep the uplifting effects in check, contributing to a well balanced high between the body & mind. 

How Does King Sherbert Taste?

King Sherbert has a pungent nose that can be smelled from across the house so make sure to keep it stored in a properly enclosed smell proof container.

Notes of pine, sweet cream and chemical funk contribute to a flavor profile that is smooth on the way in and on the way out with just enough kick to get you to the next level in your smoking experience.

King Sherbert Nug Structure

This strain is encrusted with high density resin glads, with light green leaves and orange pistil hairs taking the forefront. 


Lab Results 


Cannabinoid Contents

  • Total Cannabinoids - 23.56%
    • THCa - 17.69% 
    • CBDa - 2.568%
    • CBGa - 2.56%
    • CBD - 0.2256%
    • D9THC - 0.188%



THCa Content:
Trim Job:
Lightly Trimmed