THCa Flower - Gush Mintz

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Indoor Grown Gush Mintz - Indica

Gush Mintz strain is an indica with a lineage stemming from Gushers and Animal Mints.


What Does Gush Mintz Feel Like?

Gush Mintz strain delivers a delightful, euphoric experience with a minty twist. It combines a relaxing body high with an uplifting cerebral buzz, leaving you feeling blissful and refreshed. Perfect for unwinding and enjoying a subtle wave of minty goodness.


What Does Gush Mintz Smell and Taste Like?

The Gush Mintz strain features a strong gassy flavor, accompanied by hints of mint. The gassy notes contribute to a unique and robust taste profile, which sets it apart from other mint-flavored strains.


Gush Mintz Nug Structure

The nug structure of the Gush Mintz strain is characterized by its dense and flaky nature. The buds are tightly packed, exhibiting a compact structure that feels substantial to the touch. When broken apart, the nugs tend to crumble into flaky pieces, releasing an aromatic burst of minty and gassy scents.

Lab Results

Cannabinoid Contents

  • Total Cannabinoids - 23.975%
    • THCa - 23.05%
    • THCVa - 0.151%
    • CBGa - 0.127%
    • D9THC - 0.272%
    • CBGa - 0.369%
THCa Content: