THCa Flower - Durban Poison

$50.00 - $280.00

Indoor Grown Durban Poison - Sativa

Durban Poison is a sativa strain that originated from Durban, the South African port city. It's most widely known for it's incredibly uplifting, energizing effects & sweet smell

What Does Durban Poison Feel Like?

Durban Poison is perfect for day time use due to its cerebral sativa effects. Users describe Durban Poison as being creatively enhancing, cerebral and energetic. 

What Does Durban Poison Taste Like?

Durban Poison features notes of sage, pine trees and spicy herbs.

Durban Poison Nug Structure

Cannabis enthusiasts tend to rave about the over-sized trichomes and resin glands which make this strain an excellent choice for rosin pressing or concentrate extraction. The buds tend be round & chunky, with plenty of surface area for trichomes to flourish.