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Aurora Borealis Seeds - Northern Lights Precursor (100% TRUE INDICA)

Aurora Borealis Seeds - Northern Lights Precursor (100% TRUE INDICA)

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About Aurora Borealis Seeds

Aurora Borealis is a strain of cannabis that is the precursor to the Northern Lights Strain. It is the only 100% True Indica currently in existence, since most strains have been hybridized.
Aurora Borealis was once thought to be extinct due to constant crossbreeding, but Donald Trump Seeds was able to connect with a farm who had these seeds passed on from a hobbyist grower who recently just died but supposedly kept the Aurora Borealis genetics 100% pure for decades.
  • Genetics - Aurora Borealis
  • Variety - 100% Indica
  • Sex - Regular
  • THC Content - High
  • CBD Content - Low

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What Is Donald Trump Seeds?

Donald Trump Seeds provides some of the best legal Cannabis Seeds money can buy.

We're also on a mission. Donald Trump Weed is also donating $1 for every seed purchased to the 2024 Donald Trump Campaign to help keep our industry legal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these CBD Seeds? No. These cannabis seeds are type 1 genetics, meaning they yield high THC and low CBD content.

Are cannabis seeds legal? Yes, cannabis seeds of any kind are considered federally legal hemp due to the fact that they contain 0% THC before the growing process begins.

How are cannabis seeds legal?

Any part of the cannabis plant, whether growing or not, is considered federally legal hemp as long as it contains less than 0.3% D9 THC, allowing it to be bought, sold & shipped over state borders.


We ship via your choice of USPS or UPS in discreet packaging with a notice to law enforcement explaining how this product is legal so you don't have to.