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Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Legally

High THC Cannabis Seeds are now legal to be bought sold & shipped over state borders thanks to Donald Trump.

When President Trump signed the 2018 farm bill, he legalized hemp which is defined as any part of the cannabis plant, growing or not, that has a D9 THC concentration of not more than 0.3%

Since Cannabis seeds contain 0% THC before the growing process, they are considered federally legal hemp!


We Have A Mission.

Cannabis became legal in America without anyone truly realizing it. The media didn't cover it. There wasn't a big celebration, but weed is absolutely legal now and Big Corporate Marijuana companies are FURIOUS.

Americans are empowered to do business without $1,000,000 license costs and as a result, the common stoner benefits from lower cannabis prices. Just the way Trump would have wanted.

That's why we're donating 5% of all sales to the 2024 Trump presidential campaign to help keep the weed industry legal & accessible for low income & middle class Americans!