About Budget THCa Flower Small Pounds

Our assortment of Budget-Friendly THCa Flower Pounds presents a variety of carefully cultivated cannabis flower strains. Each strain within this affordable selection is selected for its commendable potency, enticing scents, and appealing appearance. Despite their cost-effectiveness, our Budget-Friendly THCA Flowers still deliver a noteworthy cannabis experience, making them a top choice for those seeking exceptional and unique options on a budget.


Bulk THCa Flower Verification Required

After placing your order for bulk THCa flower, a DTW support rep will contact you via email (or text) to double verify your address is correct so we don't send your order to the wrong address. 

We will attempt to reach you at least 3 times each via email and text. If we do not receive a response within 7 days of the order being placed the order will be cancelled and card refunded.


Bulk THCa Flower Shipping Policy 

Your order will be shipped directly from our supplier to your home via UPS Ground 21+ Adult Signature Required. 

If you are not typically home during normal delivery hours, we recommend you schedule the package for pickup at your local UPS Store once the tracking number has generated. 


Bulk THCa Flower Refund Policy & Missed Shipments

There are no refunds or exchanges on THCa Flower.

We ship packages with Adult Signature Required to prevent lost or stolen packages, however, we are not responsible for any missed shipments or if the package was returned to sender after multiple missed delivery attemtps. 

If the package gets returned to sender because of too many delivery attempts (and you did not schedule it for pickup at UPS), we do have the ability to reship it for you, but you will be invoiced an extra shipping fee for a reship.


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